Making the Best Homemade English Muffin Pizza

English muffin pizza

Searching for an incredible recipe for your child’s breakfast? Don’t worry..! English muffin pizza is an awesome option. Modest, quick and children completely adore them! You can keep it crisp and intriguing by including fresh garnishes or keep it straightforward. We’ll go over how to make them and some fascinating ideas that I’ve explored in making different recipes. Let’s start with the basic ingredients.

English Muffin Pizza Recipe

You’ll require

English muffin pizza

  • English muffin = 1 and cut down the middle as equally as you can.
  • Pizza sauce = half cup – you can get pizza sauce at your neighborhood grocery store.
  • Mozzarella cheddar = 3 slices.


  • For English Muffin Pizza recipe, the first step is to preheat your oven to 400 degrees. While your oven is preheating you can add sauce and cheddar with English muffin pizza. On the off chance that your muffin isn’t as of now sliced down the middle, simply ahead and do as such. It would be easy to cook when your Thomas English muffin pizza cut in middle equally.
  • Next step is to scoop around 1 tablespoon of pizza sauce on each half of your muffin pizza. Utilizing the back of your spoon you must spread your sauce to the edge of every muffin in a circular motion.

English muffin pizza

  • Next, sprinkle sufficiently enough of your shredded mozzarella to totally cover the sauce on top of the pizzas.
  • The English muffin breakfast pizza ought to take around 6-8 minutes at 400 degrees, you have to wait for your cheese to be completely softened, melted and starting to chestnut.

English muffin pizza

  • Utilize a cookie sheet to make them delicate and doughy or right on the stove rack to make them fresh. Give your pizzas a time to cool for a minute or two before serving.

Healthy English Muffin Pizza

It’s a long-held discussion in this nation that pizza is junk nourishment. There’s absolutely justifiable reason purpose behind this. A normal slice of pizza is stacked with fat, calories, sodium and processed fixings.

English muffin pizza

Luckily for all you pizza-darlings out there, pizza can likewise be healthy nourishment. For Thomas English muffin pizza, you have to use entire grains as a part of the covering instead of profoundly processed fixings brings down your danger of stroke, coronary illness, and diabetes. Second, using part-skim drain cheddar holds the immersed fat under control while giving calcium.

Get ready to make with simple, crisp fixings in less than 10 minutes, my variant of English muffin pizza comes in less than 300 calories for each serving and you will have a hard time believing the value.

How to make Making Best Homemade English Muffin Pizza

English Muffin Pizza Margarita

  • English Muffin = 1 entire
  • Tomato = 1/2 Roma, cut thin
  • Part-skim milk mozzarella cheddar = 1/3 cup
  • Slashed basil – fresh

Making Best Homemade English Muffin Pizza

Cook the English muffin. Layer the tomatoes onto the Making Best Homemade English Muffin Pizza parts. Sprinkle with the basil, then the cheddar. Put the pizza under the grill until the cheddar is softened. And your Making Best Homemade English Muffin Pizza is ready to eat.

English muffin pizza

Sustenance for Healthy English Muffin Pizza

  • Calories = 262
  • Immersed fat = 4.6 g
  • Sodium = 490 mg
  • Fiber = 4 g
  • Protein = 14.3 g

Making Best Homemade English Muffin Pizza

Try not to be reluctant to test more recipes in breakfast. Consider your most loved pizza and fuse it into above formula. Rather than basil, you could utilize the customary oregano for flavoring. Take a stab at including your most loved barbecued vegetables, olives or mushrooms for additional flavor. You can consult a doctor to know about the benefits of Pizza is good for your health or not.


And I am sure, your confusion about how to make English Muffin Pizzais not more. Above both recipes are one of the delicious, amazingly and straightforward that takes definitely no culinary aptitude. On the off chance that you want to add garnishes to your pizzas, following are the tips for a delicious topping.

English muffin pizza

  • Add Crumble new spinach leaves; crumble pre-cooked bacon, feta, and diced tomato.
  • You can also add Buffalo chicken. But it should be tossed pre-cooked all white meat chicken breast in your most loved buffalo sauce.

English muffin pizza

  • Last option for topping is a cheesy blend. For this mixture, mix and match your most loved cheeses such as parmesan, Romano, provolone and a teaspoon of ricotta and add this mixture in the middle of your English muffin pizza.
  • You can get easily any garnish at your local grocery store, from pepperoni to anchovy; you can never turn out badly with this one.

Appreciate and Cheers!

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